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Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Video Production

Script Writing

We help fine-tune what you say on screen to create an inviting portrait of you and your project.

Filming & Directing

Beautiful HD video in the studio and on location. We work with you to choose visuals that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Acting Supervision

We coach you through your performance on camera so you can communicate your message with confidence.

Video Editing

Hook potential donors with a smooth, natural, and engaging video assembled for you by media professionals.

Original Music

Custom tracks, produced in-house, to amplify the vibe of your project.

Sonic Branding

Tailored music and sound cues that help distinguish your brand in a unique way.

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Magnetic Bottle Opener
Category: Product Design
Platform: Kickstarter
Campaign duration: 30 days
Amount raised: $48,281

Joe Walsh and Kent Frayn, Chicago-based entrepreneurs, developed a new type of wall-mounted bottle opener that keeps the clunky caps off your floor. Dubbed the DropCatch, it is the most kinetically satisfying opener on the market today. Besides, if you drink enough, it can become quite the work of art. Check out the video that brought DropCatch to the spotlight.

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