Top Kickstarter Cities as Infographics

By October 16, 2013March 13th, 2014Kickstarter, Stats

I always wonder where in the USA people are most into crowdfunding and Kickstarter. Where’s all the action happening? Where are creative entrepreneurs having success in doing cool things? Let’s say I got kicked out of Chicago and had to move to another city, preferably one with loads of crowdfunding activity/potential, what would be my options?

The following stats (thankfully in colorful infographic form) reveal the top Kickstarter cities in the USA. I think I’m moving to…







West coast looks good, doesn’t it? I hear Portland’s supposed to be nice this time of year, too. Hold on a second while I pack my stuff. While you wait, here are even more cool stats on Kickstarter campaigns around the country–

Which city looks like the juiciest Kickstarter hotspot to you? If you could hang out with entrepreneurs from anywhere in the USA, where would it be? Leave a note down in the comments section below and we’ll compare dreams.

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Sarunas Daugirdas (@SarunasDaug) is your videographer at Elevant Productions.

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