Crowdfunding Fills Market Gaps – PONO music player

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As a music-lover, I am thrilled to see this.  The PONO music player, a new, ultra-high-fidelity portable music device, is blasting off on Kickstarter this week, already raising $2.6 million in the first three days of the campaign.


Kickstarter – Pono Music – Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music

Spearheaded by veteran rocker Neil Young, PONO hopes to provide a complete ecosystem for hi-fi music lovers, including the hardware device, software, and online store.
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How to Choose the Right Crowdfunding Campaign Rewards

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I like to surf Kickstarter and Indiegogo and explore campaigns of all kinds–it helps me get a sense of what’s working for project creators and what isn’t. When I’m browsing, my heartbeat picks up when a project “YES, nailed it!” and my gut sinks to the floor when I see one of its colleagues in crowdfunding self-destruct with bad strategy. When a campaign flops, it’s usually on account of uninspired reward options that don’t connect with its intended audience. Fortunately, setting them up effectively is entirely feasible. Today, let’s learn how to think like a donor and choose crowdfunding campaign rewards that will bring in the big bucks. Read More

Top Kickstarter Cities as Infographics

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I always wonder where in the USA people are most into crowdfunding and Kickstarter. Where’s all the action happening? Where are creative entrepreneurs having success in doing cool things? Let’s say I got kicked out of Chicago and had to move to another city, preferably one with loads of crowdfunding activity/potential, what would be my options?

The following stats (thankfully in colorful infographic form) reveal the top Kickstarter cities in the USA. I think I’m moving to…

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