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Crowdfunding Fills Market Gaps – PONO music player

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As a music-lover, I am thrilled to see this.  The PONO music player, a new, ultra-high-fidelity portable music device, is blasting off on Kickstarter this week, already raising $2.6 million in the first three days of the campaign.


Kickstarter – Pono Music – Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music

Spearheaded by veteran rocker Neil Young, PONO hopes to provide a complete ecosystem for hi-fi music lovers, including the hardware device, software, and online store.
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Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign: The Importance of Initial Momentum

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In crowdfunding, momentum is key, and it often depends on those very first “votes of confidence.” Most successful campaigns start strong; If you start with a sputter and a shrug, chances are you will fail.  Take a look at the 30 day graph of the Kickstarter campaign for “DropCatch,” which raised $48,000:

kicktraq graph
Without that first, powerful push, the outcome would have been much different.  An interesting study published in the journal Science describes how we are unconsciously influenced by the early reactions of our peers in social media platforms:

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